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Rise above your competitors with a smart phone and tablet friendly website, ready for the new generation of mobile internet users.  Designed, built and managed right here in Pembrokeshire.


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Cutting edge graphic design, powerful copy and effective SEO

ipinx is just me, Brodie Fry.  Although I'm a little longer in the tooth than your average web designer (my teenage acne cleared up in 1972!) I come bundled with a wealth of professional experience in business development, branding & new media marketing.  Having been at the forefront of the industry since 1993, when Google was merely a twinkle in Larry Page's eye, I actually do know what I'm talking about.

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websites 101

There are Static, Responsive, E-Commerce & CMS websites, but which does your business really need?  Discover the simple truth, without jargon.
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Cheap site graphics, images and copywriting

content generation

Graphic & logo design, royalty free stock images and professional copy writing are all essential elements of your site's commercial success.
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Web site google optimisation

website promotion

No matter how graphically striking, functional, well written and memorable your site might be, to be remembered... it must first be found.
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Data, database and software

domains & hosting

A plain English explanation of the importance and cost of your domain name, and how to decide where your website is going to live.
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Web site and App design

a cost guide

How much should your business website cost to design, build and maintain... including copywriting, images, domain name, hosting and SEO?
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Data, database and software

ipinx site rental option

A unique way to benefit from a state of the art responsive website, designed and built for your business, but with little or no up-front cost!
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Internet services

Countless 'bright young things' are being churned out of university every year who are so much better than I at writing functional scripts and server end code.

Similarly, there is no shortage of excellent wordsmiths... often in the form of time served journalists and authors, all of whom are quite capable of producing first class copy every bit as incisive as my own.

Wonderfully creative graphic designers abound, in numbers too great at which to shake a stick.   ;o)

There is also a positive glut of nineteen year old self-declared search engine gurus, only too willing to promise you the top slot in Google.

Few of these experts, however, will have had 40 years of first hand commercial experience... and they certainly do not coexist in one, albeit slightly corpulent, body!

So, for a much more cost effective alternative to recruiting and managing your own 'dream team', call me.

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