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Website design & SEO in pembrokeshire

My site is not advertised... so you have probably been referred by an existing client, or followed a link from a website that you like.

ipinx is just me, Broderick Fry.

Be warned; as a creative artist I can be opinionated, stubborn and, frankly, bloody annoying at times :o)

On the other hand I do produce cutting edge graphics, powerful, effective, copy... and can offer a wealth of professional experience in business development, branding & new media marketing.  I actually do know what I'm talking about.

I don't ever use 'templates', every site I create is unique and every line of code is hand written, from scratch, to create designs that are just not possible using a 'web design' package.  If you really must, click here to have a look at some example client websites.

It's also a matter of personal pride that my sites are optimised for search engines from the ground up, so always perform particularly well in Google et al.  As a consequence, I don't charge extra for it.

But... having officially 'retired' (fat chance!), I may be a lot less expensive than you imagine.  See my rates and fees page

Optimus procul is pretium


Free advice and consultancy...

Ring at cheap rate on O845 1O8 3O5O, email or submit the short form below and I'll call to find out more about your project and offer my advice.

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Please read my trading terms & conditions...

Opening hours:
I have clients across the UAE, Americas and Antipodes so my hours of work are from 5am to 3pm and I'm in bed by 7:30.

The copyright on all graphics, designs and written copy, and the intellectual rights to any mechanisms, schemes, concepts or ideas that I may, from time to time, communicate to you verbally or in writing remain my sole property until expressly assigned in writing.

SEO tips & tricks masterclass

I don't charge extra for Search Engine Optimisation, so I'm giving away some SEO trade secrets in a tips and tricks tutorial on Facebook & Twitter so you can improve your own site!

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