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Inherit a wealth of professional experience in business development,  branding,  new media marketing,  and common sense. . . .  at an affordable price.  Having been at the forefront of the industry since 1993,  when Google was merely a twinkle in Larry Page's eye,  I actually do know what I'm talking about.


some thoughts from ipinx

Countless 'bright young things' are being churned out of academe every year,  many of whom are perfectly capable of writing functional scripts.

Similarly,  no shortage of wordsmiths are out there in the market,  often in the form of time served journalists,  able to produce first class,  incisive and effective copy.

Owning a copy of Photoshop does not make anyone a graphic designer,  nor access to Wordpress a 'web developer'. . .

. . .and,  of course,  every nineteen year old self-declared search engine guru will promise you the top slot in Google!

Few of these experts,  however,  can offer four decades of hands-on commercial experience in the medium,  and their collective skills will certainly not coexist in one body!

No single person could possibly master all aspects of so many rapidly evolving technologies with any degree of competence.

For a cost effective alternative to recruiting and managing your own 'dream team',  call me today on 0796 115 2281 for an informal chat.   Tell me where you want your business to go.   I'll listen,  and advise,  free of charge.

Oh yes. . .  'est optimum ad hoc pretium'  means;  the best at this price!


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