what will a website cost?

Or;  your rough guide to the length of a piece of string

Internet services

design & construction

I am old school,  so I write every character of code by hand,  which is why my sites have such an individual look that is simply not possible to achieve using a 'point and click' web design package.

I bill my time at £20 an hour.  To put that into perspective,  a well designed static site including graphics,  copy and SEO is likely to take between 20 and 40 hours,  depending upon the complexity of the structure,  the number of content pages,  the functionality,  graphics,  images and copy writing required.

As a guide,  this site took me a little over 26 hours to complete and would have been billed commercially at £520 but,  of course,  I'm a dreadful customer and kept changing my mind!

search engine optimisation

It is a matter of pride that my sites perform well in all search engines,  including Google,  and therefore I don't charge extra for SEO!

free consultancy & visuals

The first step,  always,  is to talk ( it's my favourite pastime,  so I do it for free! )  You need to tell me about your business,  your market and major competitors,  why you want a website and what you expect it to do for you.

In turn,  I'll bring you up to speed on the latest technology and trends,  help to manage your expectations and perhaps suggest ways of using the medium that you hadn't yet considered.

Two hours or two weeks later  (inspiration is unpredictable!)  and still without obligation,  I will create a draft concept for your site,  with design visuals to help you understand my thinking,  and send it to you with a fully itemised quotation.

fixed price quotations

You will always be provided with a written quote,  including delivery deadlines,  before you commit to a project and,  if I get it wrong and it takes me 10 hours longer than I predict,  I suffer the loss,  not you.

terms of business

My payment terms are always;  50% with your order and the balance on completion.   Please read the Terms & Conditions

royalty free images

If you need to buy additional high resolution images from a Stock Photo Library,  these will cost from £32 +VAT for 5 single images,  up to £120 for month long access and the rights to use 350 photographs!   If image purchases are required by the project,  their cost will be included in the quote.

site maintenance

Google and,  therefore,  every other internet search engine on the planet,  moves its goalposts on a regular basis,  so constant vigilance and periodic SEO 'tweaks' are necessary to guarantee that your site stays current,  accessible,  and at the forefront of search results.

A maintenance contract is available at £20 per month also includes 'reasonable' updates such as;  copy edits,  image replacement,  occasional news inserts etc.,  so long as they don't require a change to the structure of the site.   However,  to add and integrate an additional page into a completed site would probably take another two or three hours and be quoted on request.

For my maintenance clients I'm always available to do the technical stuff that you may not be comfortable with,  or simply don't have the time for,  and will provide you with free telephone advice and support.

Think of ipinx as a very cheap IT department!

social media management

To create and populate a business 'page' in Facebook,  including all design elements,  embedded images,  initial copy and reciprocal links:   £50.00.

To maintain this social media presence with weekly updates of newly created graphics,  additional copy,  and timely replies to customers' queries or comments:   £50.00 per month.

domain name & hosting

Whilst I am happy to liaise with the Registrar on your behalf,  you would pay them directly.   Budget around £12 +VAT a year for all UK domains  (inc  .wales & .cymru),  or £20 +VAT a year for global domains such as .com or .net