content is still king

Regardless of the technology or means of delivery,  your business message,  expressed in both words and pictures,  is crucial to the success of your site.

Internet services

design & graphics

People buy first with their eyes,  so the graphic elements of a website are created to work across all screen sizes,  from smart phones to wide screen HD TV,  yet still download quickly to create instant impact.

Keep an open mind.   The concept visuals I supply as the first step in a development will almost certainly not be what you expect!   ;o)


The most often neglected component of a web site development is its textual content,  or 'copy'.

Well chosen words,  written in a style or 'voice' that appeals to your target market,  can make the difference between a site that returns real value for your investment and an expensive white elephant.

Quite aside from communicating your business message positively and effectively,  your website's copy has another,  crucial,  role to play.

The visible copy and hidden  (Meta)  text is fundamentally important to the way that Google,  Yahoo and Bing will index and present your site in response to potential customers' keyword searches.

bought-in content

It may be necessary,  on occasion,  to source elements from specialist suppliers.   These may include;

photographic images

Please don't be offended,  but customers rarely supply photographs that meet the requirements of quality or composition.

Whilst I have an extensive library of stock images,  I may suggest that you need to invest a few quid in specific 'Royalty Free' photographs which you can then use forever,  for almost any purpose,  within your business.

external code

Your site may require specialist expertise,  such as merchant account integration or bespoke software,  which will be sourced externallyfrom Cloud Wales,  but this will be included and clearly itemised on your Quote.

cyfieithiad cymraeg

Being in Wales,  you may wish to present elements of your site in Welsh and it may be necessary to have this carried out by a professional translator.