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Search Engine Optimisation,  or SEO,  is the process of making a website and its content accessible to search engines and is primarily a function of the site's structure,  keywording,  links and content copy.

Search engines search for words.   Not just the obvious,  visible,  copy that we all see on the page,  but also the hidden 'meta' text that lurks beneath the surface and is used by Google,  Bing & Yahoo to decide whether your site,  or your competitors',  will appear highest in their results.

SEO is one of my key skills and search engine accessibility is a fundamental consideration in the design of each website's infrastructure.

monitoring & analysis

A suite of analytical tools is incorporated into every page,  of every site I build,  so that I'm able to constantly monitor your visitor numbers,  their behaviour and,  importantly,  how those visitors were acquired.

This information  (to which you also have full access),  allows me to hone your site's content to maximise its market exposure.

pay per click

I rarely suggest spending money on paid search engine positions or pay-per-click adverts.   My customers all readily admit that they don't click on sponsored ads in search results,  so why expect your customers to act any differently?

Because all of my sites are Search Engine Optimised from the ground up,  below-the-line search enhancements and regular SEO maintenance returns far greater value per visitor.

social media integration

Ignore social networks at your commercial peril!

Facebook,  Google+,  LinkedIn,  Twitter and many other less well known applications are growing in importance as the battle for our internet eyeballs intensifies.

If the cost of having an outside agency develop your social media profiles is less than the value of your time,  then it must be worth serious consideration.   Click here for a fees & charges guide.